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Team Records

Most Goals in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Detroit Redwings2409
2New Jersey Devils3729
3Winnipeg Jets31359
4St.Louis Blues42639
5Edmonton Oilers5979Game Direct Link
6St.Louis Blues1118
7Dallas Stars1538
8Carolina Hurricanes12398
9Montreal Canadiens13388
10Detroit Redwings14748
Most Goals in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Winnipeg Jets3279
2St.Louis Blues1275
3Washington Capitals5272
4Colorado Avalanche5270
5Montreal Canadiens2269
6Toronto Mapleleafs3269
7Pittsburgh Penguins5268
8Chicago Blackhawks2264
9SanJose Sharks1259
10Toronto Mapleleafs2259
Less Goal in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Edmonton Oilers1161
2NewYork Islanders1167
3Montreal Canadiens1189
4Anaheim Ducks4195
5Ottawa Senators5196
6Anaheim Ducks1199
7Dallas Stars2199
8TampaBay Lightning1205
9Dallas Stars1212
10Colorado Avalanche1219
Most Goals Against in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Winnipeg Jets2283
2Detroit Redwings5280
3NewYork Islanders3279
4Los Angles Kings5275
5Boston Bruins3274
6Pittsburgh Penguins5267
7SanJose Sharks5266
8NewYork Islanders2265
9Chicago Blackhawks3264
10Carolina Hurricanes3260
Less Goal Against in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Washington Capitals4190
2NewYork Rangers1195
3Chicago Blackhawks1197
4Carolina Hurricanes5208
5St.Louis Blues3209
6Colorado Avalanche5209
7SanJose Sharks4210
8SanJose Sharks3212
9Edmonton Oilers4213
10NewYork Islanders1214
Most Assists in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1New Jersey Devils37216
2Carolina Hurricanes513616Game Direct Link
3Anaheim Ducks24915
4Edmonton Oilers279915
5NewYork Rangers335115
6St.Louis Blues426315
7Edmonton Oilers59715Game Direct Link
8NewYork Islanders536415Game Direct Link
9St.Louis Blues11114
10Carolina Hurricanes123914
Most Assists in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1St.Louis Blues1451
2Winnipeg Jets3445
3Montreal Canadiens2437
4Toronto Mapleleafs3435
5Pittsburgh Penguins5433
6Carolina Hurricanes4430
7Chicago Blackhawks2427
8Toronto Mapleleafs1422
9NewYork Rangers1421
10Anaheim Ducks2421
Less Assist in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Edmonton Oilers1249
2NewYork Islanders1263
3Montreal Canadiens1296
4Ottawa Senators5297
5Detroit Redwings3315
6Anaheim Ducks1316
7Dallas Stars2322
8TampaBay Lightning1329
9Colorado Avalanche1344
10Dallas Stars1347
Most Game Points in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1New Jersey Devils37225
2St.Louis Blues426324
3Edmonton Oilers59724Game Direct Link
4Carolina Hurricanes513624Game Direct Link
5Anaheim Ducks24923
6Edmonton Oilers279923
7Winnipeg Jets313523
8NewYork Rangers335123
9NewYork Islanders536423Game Direct Link
10St.Louis Blues11122
Most Game Points in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1St.Louis Blues1726
2Winnipeg Jets3724
3Montreal Canadiens2706
4Toronto Mapleleafs3704
5Pittsburgh Penguins5701
6Chicago Blackhawks2691
7Toronto Mapleleafs1676
8NewYork Rangers1676
9Anaheim Ducks2675
10Toronto Mapleleafs2672
Less Game Points in 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Edmonton Oilers1410
2NewYork Islanders1430
3Montreal Canadiens1485
4Ottawa Senators5493
5Anaheim Ducks1515
6Detroit Redwings3516
7Dallas Stars2521
8TampaBay Lightning1534
9Dallas Stars1559
10Colorado Avalanche1563
Most Shots In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1SanJose Sharks155853
2Anaheim Ducks544352Game Direct Link
3Edmonton Oilers570251Game Direct Link
4Montreal Canadiens230350
5SanJose Sharks496850
6NewYork Islanders216949
7Toronto Mapleleafs245149
8Boston Bruins38349
9Vegas Golden Knights447949
10Colorado Avalanche566549Game Direct Link
Most Shots In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Columbus Bluejackets52853
2SanJose Sharks12815
3TampaBay Lightning52760
4Colorado Avalanche52758
5Montreal Canadiens22757
6Edmonton Oilers42754
7Arizona Coyotes42751
8Boston Bruins42741
9Winnipeg Jets22722
10Toronto Mapleleafs32711
Less Shots In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Edmonton Oilers11538
2NewYork Islanders11945
3Dallas Stars22022
4Ottawa Senators52033
5Montreal Canadiens12087
6Detroit Redwings42155
7Anaheim Ducks12200
8Boston Bruins22232
9Colorado Avalanche12233
10Dallas Stars12243
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1SanJose Sharks377528
2Chicago Blackhawks482027
3Carolina Hurricanes149726
4Vegas Golden Knights590026Game Direct Link
5Columbus Bluejackets254325
6Vegas Golden Knights568525Game Direct Link
7Toronto Mapleleafs137824
8NewYork Islanders178924
9NewYork Islanders235224
10NewYork Rangers250324
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1TampaBay Lightning3904
2Los Angles Kings5903
3New Jersey Devils5891
4Vegas Golden Knights5889
5Dallas Stars2888
6Anaheim Ducks2888
7Dallas Stars3878
8Pittsburgh Penguins5878
9Winnipeg Jets5877
10Boston Bruins5876
Less Shots Block In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Colorado Avalanche1741
2NewYork Islanders1746
3Toronto Mapleleafs4768
4Carolina Hurricanes1770
5SanJose Sharks4770
6Edmonton Oilers4773
7TampaBay Lightning1778
8Columbus Bluejackets1782
9Chicago Blackhawks1786
10Toronto Mapleleafs1794
Most Shots Against In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Arizona Coyotes52700
2Dallas Stars52671
3Los Angles Kings52663
4Edmonton Oilers52655
5Edmonton Oilers22647
6Boston Bruins32645
7Arizona Coyotes42642
8Winnipeg Jets32638
9New Jersey Devils42630
10Boston Bruins22619
Less Shots Against In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Chicago Blackhawks12247
2NewYork Rangers12277
3NewYork Islanders12341
4Edmonton Oilers42367
5Detroit Redwings12368
6SanJose Sharks22368
7Toronto Mapleleafs12375
8Colorado Avalanche12381
9Dallas Stars12410
10TampaBay Lightning12412
Most Pim In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Chicago Blackhawks335182
2Colorado Avalanche227152
3Columbus Bluejackets237046
4NewYork Islanders37245
5Columbus Bluejackets136944
6Columbus Bluejackets177742
7Toronto Mapleleafs414642
8NewYork Islanders33441
9Colorado Avalanche312940
10NewYork Islanders483940
Most Pim In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Toronto Mapleleafs1922
2Chicago Blackhawks3901
3NewYork Islanders3868
4New Jersey Devils3858
5Columbus Bluejackets3834
6Columbus Bluejackets1825
7St.Louis Blues1792
8Columbus Bluejackets2778
9Ottawa Senators2762
10Ottawa Senators1738
Less Pim In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Montreal Canadiens5362
2Columbus Bluejackets5371
3St.Louis Blues3398
4Edmonton Oilers1408
5Carolina Hurricanes5446
6NewYork Islanders1465
7Montreal Canadiens2484
8Arizona Coyotes5491
9Edmonton Oilers2492
10Winnipeg Jets3499
Most Hits In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Carolina Hurricanes142044
2NewYork Islanders432044
3New Jersey Devils453044
4Washington Capitals312043
5Vegas Golden Knights446043
6Winnipeg Jets484843
7Winnipeg Jets31842
8Winnipeg Jets417642
9Winnipeg Jets497642
10SanJose Sharks1241
Most Hits In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Winnipeg Jets52122
2Winnipeg Jets42103
3Winnipeg Jets32045
4Winnipeg Jets12024
5Washington Capitals51983
6Washington Capitals11961
7Detroit Redwings21955
8SanJose Sharks11940
9Washington Capitals21918
10St.Louis Blues11889
Less Hit In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Edmonton Oilers11276
2NewYork Islanders11364
3Montreal Canadiens11408
4Ottawa Senators51457
5Colorado Avalanche11468
6Boston Bruins21478
7Anaheim Ducks11599
8Dallas Stars11641
9Carolina Hurricanes11674
10Boston Bruins11700
Most Empty Net Goal In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Ottawa Senators17
2Colorado Avalanche46
3NewYork Islanders15
4Dallas Stars35
5SanJose Sharks45
6Toronto Mapleleafs45
7Colorado Avalanche14
8Anaheim Ducks14
9Detroit Redwings24
10Boston Bruins13
Best PP In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Boston Bruins226.80%
2Detroit Redwings425.10%
3NewYork Islanders524.60%
4Toronto Mapleleafs124.40%
5Los Angles Kings324.40%
6Carolina Hurricanes524.30%
7Boston Bruins324.00%
8Edmonton Oilers123.90%
9Dallas Stars223.90%
10SanJose Sharks123.10%
Best PK In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Columbus Bluejackets387.30%
2Toronto Mapleleafs286.00%
3Edmonton Oilers284.90%
4Dallas Stars383.80%
5Vegas Golden Knights483.70%
6St.Louis Blues183.60%
7NewYork Rangers183.60%
8Pittsburgh Penguins383.40%
9Chicago Blackhawks182.70%
10Boston Bruins282.40%
Worse PP In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1TampaBay Lightning413.40%
2NewYork Islanders213.90%
3Carolina Hurricanes216.10%
4Pittsburgh Penguins416.10%
5SanJose Sharks316.20%
6Anaheim Ducks116.50%
7Chicago Blackhawks316.50%
8Washington Capitals117.10%
9Chicago Blackhawks117.10%
10Pittsburgh Penguins117.40%
Worse PK In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Chicago Blackhawks574.60%
2Montreal Canadiens374.80%
3NewYork Islanders275.20%
4Edmonton Oilers175.50%
5Los Angles Kings575.50%
6TampaBay Lightning175.80%
7Carolina Hurricanes376.60%
8Chicago Blackhawks376.70%
9Dallas Stars177.10%
10Boston Bruins377.10%
Most Win In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1St.Louis Blues155
2Edmonton Oilers452
3Winnipeg Jets552
4Colorado Avalanche552
5SanJose Sharks151
6NewYork Rangers151
7Montreal Canadiens251
8Toronto Mapleleafs150
9Chicago Blackhawks149
10Carolina Hurricanes146
Less Win In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Edmonton Oilers124
2Ottawa Senators527
3Anaheim Ducks428
4Detroit Redwings528
5Los Angles Kings529
6NewYork Islanders130
7Anaheim Ducks131
8Dallas Stars232
9NewYork Islanders232
10TampaBay Lightning133
Most Lost In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Edmonton Oilers158
2Ottawa Senators555
3Anaheim Ducks454
4Detroit Redwings554
5Los Angles Kings553
6NewYork Islanders152
7Anaheim Ducks151
8Dallas Stars250
9NewYork Islanders250
10TampaBay Lightning149
Less Lost In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1St.Louis Blues127
2Edmonton Oilers430
3Winnipeg Jets530
4Colorado Avalanche530
5SanJose Sharks131
6NewYork Rangers131
7Montreal Canadiens231
8Toronto Mapleleafs132
9Chicago Blackhawks133
10Carolina Hurricanes136
Most Points In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1St.Louis Blues1120
2Colorado Avalanche5114
3Edmonton Oilers4113
4SanJose Sharks1111
5Montreal Canadiens2111
6Washington Capitals4111
7NewYork Rangers1110
8Toronto Mapleleafs1108
9Carolina Hurricanes1108
10Chicago Blackhawks1104
Less Points In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Edmonton Oilers157
2Los Angles Kings566
3Ottawa Senators567
4NewYork Islanders168
5Anaheim Ducks169
6Anaheim Ducks469
7Detroit Redwings570
8TampaBay Lightning173
9Dallas Stars274
10Boston Bruins278
Most Win Home In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1NewYork Rangers125
2St.Louis Blues124
3Montreal Canadiens524
4Chicago Blackhawks223
5Toronto Mapleleafs323
6Colorado Avalanche523
7Toronto Mapleleafs121
8Montreal Canadiens221
9Detroit Redwings220
10Boston Bruins119
Team Most Win Visitor In 1 Year
#Team NameYearValue
1Toronto Mapleleafs122
2Chicago Blackhawks122
3Detroit Redwings121
4St.Louis Blues120
5NewYork Islanders320
6NewYork Rangers119
7Carolina Hurricanes118
8SanJose Sharks117
9Washington Capitals117
10Winnipeg Jets116

Players Records

Most Ice Time In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Zach BogosianNew Jersey Devils439935:10
2Erik KarlssonLos Angles Kings556334:37Game Direct Link
3Alex PietrangeloSt.Louis Blues340633:49
4Jack JohnsonColumbus Bluejackets158133:25
5Victor HedmanTampaBay Lightning382833:22
6Cam FowlerWinnipeg Jets59833:20Game Direct Link
7John KlingbergDallas Stars544333:18Game Direct Link
8John CarlsonWashington Capitals556333:17Game Direct Link
9Erik KarlssonOttawa Senators23933:14
10Brooks OrpikColorado Avalanche220433:09
Most Ice Time In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Alexander EdlerToronto Mapleleafs22337
2Shea WeberToronto Mapleleafs32322
3Ryan SuterSt.Louis Blues42321
4Drew DoughtyBoston Bruins32319
5Shea WeberToronto Mapleleafs42295
6Matt NiskanenWashington Capitals42280
7Roman JosiNewYork Islanders42276
8Rasmus RistolainenColorado Avalanche32273
9Jack JohnsonColumbus Bluejackets12260
10Erik KarlssonLos Angles Kings32258
Most Goals In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Brandon DubinskyNewYork Rangers41935
2Steven StamkosColorado Avalanche58455Game Direct Link
3Elias LindholmCarolina Hurricanes13814
4Jason SpezzaToronto Mapleleafs16444
5Jonathan ToewsChicago Blackhawks17534
6Jakub VoracekChicago Blackhawks17674
7Valtteri FilppulaTampaBay Lightning24304
8Alexander SteenToronto Mapleleafs24374
9Taylor HallDallas Stars32494
10Taylor HallDallas Stars32834
Most Goals In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Blake WheelerTampaBay Lightning555
2Steven StamkosColorado Avalanche549
3Alex OvechkinWashington Capitals346
4Jakub VoracekChicago Blackhawks145
5Joe PavelskiSanJose Sharks345
6Matt DucheneNewYork Rangers345
7Jakub VoracekChicago Blackhawks244
8Jamie BennOttawa Senators244
9Patrick MarleauSanJose Sharks143
10Alex OvechkinWashington Capitals143
Most Assists In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Nathan MacKinnonNewYork Rangers51197Game Direct Link
2Kris LetangPittsburgh Penguins11005
3Mika ZibanejadOttawa Senators22145
4Tyler SeguinPittsburgh Penguins32925
5Nicklas BackstromWashington Capitals33055
6Sidney CrosbyMontreal Canadiens41895
7Oliver Ekman-LarssonChicago Blackhawks43765
8Brad MarchandNewYork Islanders53645Game Direct Link
9Evgeni MalkinSt.Louis Blues54305Game Direct Link
10Michael FrolikSt.Louis Blues1114
Most Assists In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Ryan GetzlafTampaBay Lightning577
2Erik KarlssonEdmonton Oilers273
3Nicklas BackstromWashington Capitals268
4Sidney CrosbyMontreal Canadiens468
5Ryan JohansenNewYork Islanders367
6Nicklas BackstromWashington Capitals367
7Alexander SteenToronto Mapleleafs366
8Nicklas BackstromWashington Capitals165
9Joe PavelskiSanJose Sharks164
10Alex OvechkinWashington Capitals260
Most Points In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Tomas PlekanecNew Jersey Devils34787
2Rick NashNew Jersey Devils34787
3Nathan MacKinnonNewYork Rangers51197Game Direct Link
4Vladimir TarasenkoSt.Louis Blues13156
5Alexander SteenToronto Mapleleafs24376
6Jason SpezzaToronto Mapleleafs24376
7Nicklas BackstromWashington Capitals33056
8Jakub VoracekChicago Blackhawks38146
9Ryan KeslerWashington Capitals54486Game Direct Link
10Steven StamkosColorado Avalanche58456Game Direct Link
Most Points In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Ryan GetzlafTampaBay Lightning5106
2Blake WheelerTampaBay Lightning5105
3Mark ScheifeleAnaheim Ducks5104
4Alex OvechkinWashington Capitals5104
5Jakub VoracekChicago Blackhawks2103
6John TavaresPittsburgh Penguins5103
7Steven StamkosColorado Avalanche5101
8Nicklas BackstromWashington Capitals2100
9Johnny GaudreauDallas Stars3100
10Joe PavelskiArizona Coyotes4100
Most Shots In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Jason SpezzaToronto Mapleleafs245115
2Gustav NyquistDetroit Redwings258514
3Shane DoanNew Jersey Devils387614
4Erik KarlssonEdmonton Oilers258813
5Patrick MarleauMontreal Canadiens41313
6Brayden SchennAnaheim Ducks456913
7Jonathan HuberdeauWinnipeg Jets119512
8Joe PavelskiSanJose Sharks154612
9Joe PavelskiSanJose Sharks155812
10Tomas TatarDetroit Redwings157312
Most Shots In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Brayden SchennAnaheim Ducks4396
2Joe PavelskiArizona Coyotes4391
3Steven StamkosBoston Bruins3389
4Alex OvechkinWashington Capitals5382
5Chris KreiderVegas Golden Knights4380
6Jamie BennNewYork Rangers3373
7Joe PavelskiSanJose Sharks3372
8Alex OvechkinWashington Capitals2364
9Johnny GaudreauDallas Stars3361
10Vladimir TarasenkoSt.Louis Blues1357
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Trevor DaleyPittsburgh Penguins1909
2Jared SpurgeonDallas Stars38728
3Dmitry KulikovNewYork Rangers38758
4Jake MuzzinAnaheim Ducks45098
5Tyson BarrieDallas Stars48678
6Ryan McDonaghChicago Blackhawks5498Game Direct Link
7Dion PhaneufOttawa Senators55758Game Direct Link
8Roman JosiNewYork Islanders59328Game Direct Link
9Alexander EdlerToronto Mapleleafs13787
10Johnny BoychukNewYork Islanders13947
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Ryan SuterSt.Louis Blues4150
2Duncan KeithPittsburgh Penguins4149
3Mike GreenNew Jersey Devils5147
4Drew DoughtyLos Angles Kings5147
5Erik KarlssonLos Angles Kings5145
6David SavardColumbus Bluejackets2144
7Dustin ByfuglienChicago Blackhawks5141
8Tyson BarrieDallas Stars4138
9Drew DoughtyBoston Bruins2134
10Jay BouwmeesterOttawa Senators3133
Most Plus Minus In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Marc-Edouard VlasicChicago Blackhawks5806Game Direct Link
2Ryan McDonaghChicago Blackhawks5806Game Direct Link
3Ryan McDonaghNewYork Rangers14755
4Roman JosiNewYork Rangers14755
5Ryan McDonaghNewYork Rangers16205
6Roman JosiNewYork Rangers16205
7Jason SpezzaToronto Mapleleafs25835
8Travis HamonicChicago Blackhawks26285
9Jacob TroubaChicago Blackhawks26285
10Nick FolignoMontreal Canadiens26335
Most Plus Minus In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Alec MartinezPittsburgh Penguins537
2Hampus LindholmWinnipeg Jets336
3Ryan O'ReillyColorado Avalanche536
4Kyle OkposoColorado Avalanche535
5Roman JosiNewYork Rangers133
6Jaden SchwartzSt.Louis Blues130
7Nicklas GrossmannWashington Capitals430
8Alex PietrangeloSt.Louis Blues129
9Dan HamhuisColorado Avalanche229
10Ryan McDonaghNewYork Rangers128
Worse Plus Minus In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Cam FowlerWinnipeg Jets3571-6
2Trevor DaleyVegas Golden Knights4328-6
3Alex GoligoskiDallas Stars117-5
4Jason PominvilleDallas Stars1119-5
5Martin HanzalDallas Stars1119-5
6Jamie BennDallas Stars1119-5
7Shea WeberToronto Mapleleafs1439-5
8Erik JohnsonColorado Avalanche1603-5
9Andy GreeneChicago Blackhawks1664-5
10Justin SchultzEdmonton Oilers240-5
Worse Plus Minus In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Nail YakupovEdmonton Oilers1-42
2Morgan RiellyEdmonton Oilers1-41
3Nick SchultzEdmonton Oilers1-38
4Oscar KlefbomEdmonton Oilers1-38
5Curtis LazarEdmonton Oilers1-37
6Nazem KadriEdmonton Oilers1-33
7Johnny BoychukNewYork Islanders1-31
8Ryan CallahanCarolina Hurricanes1-28
9Oliver Ekman-LarssonEdmonton Oilers1-28
10Boyd GordonEdmonton Oilers1-27
Most Pim In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Jack JohnsonColumbus Bluejackets136934
2Scott HartnellColorado Avalanche227129
3Kyle PalmieriWashington Capitals44029
4Michael McCarronMontreal Canadiens46829
5Marco ScandellaMontreal Canadiens120327
6Jamie BennDallas Stars145527
7Patric HornqvistPittsburgh Penguins24627
8Colin WilsonDallas Stars244827
9Jamie BennOttawa Senators271927
10Kyle OkposoColorado Avalanche312927
Most Pim In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Luke SchennCarolina Hurricanes3239
2Dion PhaneufToronto Mapleleafs1236
3Adam McQuaidNew Jersey Devils3219
4Justin AbdelkaderColumbus Bluejackets4203
5Dion PhaneufOttawa Senators4202
6Wayne SimmondsChicago Blackhawks3199
7Zach BogosianNew Jersey Devils3186
8Dustin ByfuglienToronto Mapleleafs1181
9Justin AbdelkaderColumbus Bluejackets3179
10Scott HartnellColumbus Bluejackets1171
Most Hits In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Evander KaneSanJose Sharks1210
2Kris LetangPittsburgh Penguins17110
3Jamie BennDallas Stars165110
4Dion PhaneufToronto Mapleleafs11469
5Jonathan HuberdeauWinnipeg Jets25779
6Dion PhaneufToronto Mapleleafs31559
7Zdeno CharaEdmonton Oilers35079
8Niklas KronwallBoston Bruins41009
9Artemi PanarinWinnipeg Jets41769
10Milan LucicEdmonton Oilers42329
Most Hits In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Dustin ByfuglienChicago Blackhawks5246
2Dustin ByfuglienTampaBay Lightning4238
3Dustin ByfuglienToronto Mapleleafs1222
4Wayne SimmondsChicago Blackhawks5220
5Dustin ByfuglienTampaBay Lightning3218
6Evander KaneSanJose Sharks2214
7Shea WeberToronto Mapleleafs2213
8P.K. SubbanMontreal Canadiens3207
9Dion PhaneufToronto Mapleleafs3206
10David BackesSt.Louis Blues2202
Most Empty Net Goal In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Anze KopitarOttawa Senators13
2Tobias RiederAnaheim Ducks23
3Jordan StaalWinnipeg Jets43
4Brandon SaadWinnipeg Jets12
5Darren HelmDetroit Redwings12
6Patrice BergeronBoston Bruins12
7Erik CondraWinnipeg Jets22
8Niklas KronwallDetroit Redwings11
9Eric StaalCarolina Hurricanes11
10Ben SmithSanJose Sharks11
Most Hat Trick In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Alex OvechkinWashington Capitals13
2Reilly SmithNewYork Islanders33
3Eric StaalNew Jersey Devils43
4Nathan MacKinnonNewYork Rangers53
5Brandon SaadWinnipeg Jets12
6Patrice BergeronBoston Bruins12
7Gabriel LandeskogColorado Avalanche12
8Jordan EberleToronto Mapleleafs12
9Scott HartnellColumbus Bluejackets12
10Alexander SteenOttawa Senators11
Best Faceoff in 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Vernon FiddlerOttawa Senators161.60%
2Cody EakinLos Angles Kings561.30%
3Jim SlaterWinnipeg Jets160.10%
4Nick BoninoToronto Mapleleafs460.10%
5Antoine VermetteChicago Blackhawks159.80%
6Joe ThorntonSanJose Sharks258.80%
7Claude GirouxOttawa Senators258.60%
8Paul StastnyMontreal Canadiens258.50%
9Boyd GordonEdmonton Oilers158.40%
10Paul StastnySt.Louis Blues157.30%

Goalies Records

Shutout In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Carey PriceMontreal Canadiens16
2Corey CrawfordChicago Blackhawks16
3Jaroslav HalakCarolina Hurricanes15
4Ben BishopTampaBay Lightning15
5Brian ElliottSt.Louis Blues14
6Jonathan QuickAnaheim Ducks12
7Craig AndersonOttawa Senators11
Shots Received In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Ryan MillerNewYork Rangers52217
2Peter BudajDetroit Redwings52211
3Tuukka RaskBoston Bruins12148
4Jonathan QuickAnaheim Ducks52144
5Marc-Andre FleuryPittsburgh Penguins32142
6Tuukka RaskBoston Bruins52141
7Jaroslav HalakCarolina Hurricanes22138
8Jake AllenSt.Louis Blues52117
9Steve MasonOttawa Senators22113
10Jonathan QuickAnaheim Ducks32084
Win In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Brian ElliottSt.Louis Blues143
2Carey PriceMontreal Canadiens543
3Corey CrawfordChicago Blackhawks142
4Calvin PickardEdmonton Oilers442
5Marc-Andre FleuryPittsburgh Penguins141
6Henrik LundqvistNewYork Rangers141
7Antti NiemiToronto Mapleleafs241
8Antti NiemiSanJose Sharks140
9Jaroslav HalakCarolina Hurricanes135
10Tuukka RaskBoston Bruins135
Lost In 1 Year
#Player NameTeam NameYearValue
1Cam WardEdmonton Oilers140
2Ondrej PavelecNewYork Islanders136
3Craig AndersonOttawa Senators135
4Jonathan QuickAnaheim Ducks134
5Jacob MarkstromLos Angles Kings434
6James ReimerNewYork Islanders332
7Devan DubnykDallas Stars231
8Ben BishopTampaBay Lightning130
9Tuukka RaskBoston Bruins129
10Carey PriceMontreal Canadiens128

Game Records

Most Goals
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Toronto MapleleafsTampaBay Lightning572715Game Direct Link
2St.Louis BluesColumbus Bluejackets11114
3Detroit RedwingsEdmonton Oilers279914
4Carolina HurricanesTampaBay Lightning550214Game Direct Link
5TampaBay LightningBoston Bruins564214Game Direct Link
6SanJose SharksWashington Capitals13813
7Toronto MapleleafsNewYork Rangers243713
8Ottawa SenatorsNewYork Islanders335813
9Toronto MapleleafsOttawa Senators460413
10Pittsburgh PenguinsNewYork Rangers532513Game Direct Link
Most Assists
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Detroit RedwingsEdmonton Oilers279926
2St.Louis BluesColumbus Bluejackets11124
3TampaBay LightningBoston Bruins564224Game Direct Link
4Toronto MapleleafsTampaBay Lightning572723Game Direct Link
5SanJose SharksWashington Capitals13822
6NewYork IslandersNew Jersey Devils37222
7Ottawa SenatorsNewYork Islanders335822
8Carolina HurricanesWinnipeg Jets340422
9Toronto MapleleafsOttawa Senators460422
10Carolina HurricanesVegas Golden Knights513622Game Direct Link
Most Points
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Detroit RedwingsEdmonton Oilers279940
2St.Louis BluesColumbus Bluejackets11138
3TampaBay LightningBoston Bruins564238Game Direct Link
4Toronto MapleleafsTampaBay Lightning572738Game Direct Link
5Carolina HurricanesTampaBay Lightning550236Game Direct Link
6SanJose SharksWashington Capitals13835
7Ottawa SenatorsNewYork Islanders335835
8Toronto MapleleafsOttawa Senators460435
9Toronto MapleleafsNewYork Rangers243734
10NewYork IslandersNew Jersey Devils37234
Most Shots
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Vegas Golden KnightsCarolina Hurricanes447991
2Anaheim DucksDallas Stars544390Game Direct Link
3Ottawa SenatorsNew Jersey Devils4486
4Dallas StarsPittsburgh Penguins538686Game Direct Link
5TampaBay LightningNewYork Islanders216985
6Montreal CanadiensWashington Capitals248585
7New Jersey DevilsWashington Capitals521585Game Direct Link
8Dallas StarsAnaheim Ducks524185Game Direct Link
9Montreal CanadiensVegas Golden Knights530485Game Direct Link
10Boston BruinsNewYork Islanders314784
Most Pim
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Chicago BlackhawksNewYork Rangers3351116
2Ottawa SenatorsColorado Avalanche227178
3NewYork IslandersNew Jersey Devils37276
4Ottawa SenatorsColumbus Bluejackets237074
5Columbus BluejacketsTampaBay Lightning16170
6New Jersey DevilsEdmonton Oilers38270
7Toronto MapleleafsSt.Louis Blues117768
8Toronto MapleleafsChicago Blackhawks414668
9Ottawa SenatorsSt.Louis Blues264666
10Chicago BlackhawksToronto Mapleleafs34366
Most Hits
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Detroit RedwingsTampaBay Lightning144671
2New Jersey DevilsToronto Mapleleafs315571
3Toronto MapleleafsVegas Golden Knights446069
4Pittsburgh PenguinsWashington Capitals312068
5Pittsburgh PenguinsToronto Mapleleafs493968
6Los Angles KingsMontreal Canadiens520868Game Direct Link
7Pittsburgh PenguinsWashington Capitals17165
8St.Louis BluesWinnipeg Jets349665
9SanJose SharksMontreal Canadiens567865Game Direct Link
10Washington CapitalsEdmonton Oilers181164